Edna Louise Estate and Household Liquidations


What is an estate sale and how does it work?
We are commissioned by our client to sell the contents of a home. We set up all the merchandise in the home, take photographs, and put individual price tags on every item. After we open, anyone can come in and purchase what they want.
What is a sign up sheet?
A sign up sheet is used to keep order at the beginning of a sale. It gets posted on the front door during the week leading up to the sale. At the start of the sale we call names one at a time in order to ensure the safety of the people entering. When we feel the residence has reached its capacity we stop calling names. We call more names after a few people have left.
When does the sign up sheet get posted?
Anyone can post a sign up sheet on the front door as soon as a sale is advertised.
Do I have to be signed up in order to enter?
The sign up sheet is only for the first rush of people at the beginning of the sale. Once we are through the initial list anyone who arrives can enter the home to shop.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes we accept all major credit cards on purchases over $20.
Do you accept personal checks?
No, we do not accept personal checks.
Do you charge sales tax?
Yes, as a registered business in the state of New York we are required by law to charge sales tax.
Will you ship an item to me if I purchase it?
No, we’re sorry but we do not ship any items from our sales.
Can I buy something before the sale begins?
We never presell any items at our sales. If you really want something at our sale please visit the site of the sale and add your name to the sign up sheet.
Can I buy something after the sale ends?
No, once a sale is over we do not continue to take offers. Please make all offers before the sale hours are over.